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.Carter & Caleb Eskridge June 23, 2006 to

June 27, 2006 and June 30, 2006

Carter and Caleb were two beautiful tiny baby boys. Their journey into this world began on June 21,2006. I was 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I was not feeling well and had thought that my blood pressure could be high because I had a terrible headache. I called my neighbor to check my blood pressure and she soon came over. When taking my b/p she was unsure of herself because it was so high. So I called my doctor and they told me to head to the emergency room and to be checked out. I arrive at the ER shortly after that. They sent me straight to labor and delivery triage. When I arrive up stairs in L&D they started hooking me up to monitors. Then came the b/p cuff. My b/p was 210/110, so immediately they called the doctor. I had also been seeing a high risk doctor since I was having twins and I previously had 2 miscarriages. It just so happened that the high risk doctor was doing rounds that day. After seeing the doctor they started giving me medications and drawing blood to see exactly what was going on.

June 22, 2006

The doctor came in that morning to tell me that I had a condition called pre-eclampsia otherwise known as toxemia. He told me that they would continue to monitor my b/p and administer medicines. He also said that the only cure for this was delivery. He said that when my body got into bad enough shape that it could be considered a life and death situation that we would have to deliver. I was scared to death. I wasn't far enough along to deliver. It was too early!

June 23, 2006

Early that morning I had awoke quite strangly. I couldn't breathe. I was gasping for air. I called the nurse and she came and listened to my lungs. I felt like she was in there forever. She then grabbed some materials to draw labs and immediatly starting poking me with needles. Before I knew it the doctor was in the room saying that I was in danger. My kidneys were shutting down, my liver was not functioning properly, and I had retained probably 30 pounds of fluid within that night. Then I heard the news. We are doing an emergency C-section within the next hour. I didn't want to hear that. Sure enough within an hour I delivered. I gave birth to two beautiful identical twin boys. Both were born at 11:08am Caleb was born first weighing 1lb 4oz and 10 inches. Next came Carter who was 15oz and 9 inches. The boys were both taken straight to the NICU. I was unable to see them until the following day.

When I finally got to see the boys it was the most happiest, yet horrific thing I had ever done. They were tiny. So small that I didn't understand how they could possibly be surviving. The doctor had told me that they were doing good. All their organs were developed and working except their lungs. They were on ventilators and had tubes going everywhere.

The next week was a journey, a roller coaster. Carter decided on June 27, 2006 that his life was coming to an end. He gave up his fight at 4 days old in my arms at 10:52pm. He died of Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema. His lungs just were not strong enough to support him. Caleb followed soon after on June 30, 2006. He was 7 days old and also died in my arms at 12:41pm. He also was diagnosed with Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema. These boys fought a long and hard fight. God decided they were to come home to him and to live in his kingdom.

Goodbye Miss Raggedy Anne

Well now Miss Raggedy Anne

The time has come to say goodbye.

You've been my friend through thick and thin.

You're there for a smile or cry.

We've discovered rainbows,

while singing all the way.

You taught me how to smile through things.

You help brighten everyday.

Now will you help my Mommy?

She'll be missin me.

Hold her hand Miss Raggedy Anne.

Remind her the good to see.

You protect me from the dark, and things that go bump in the night.

The big bad wolf never bothers us.

Cause we gave Jesus to show us the light.

Soon I'll be goin Miss Raggedy Anne.

No, you can't go with me.

I won't need you anymore.

Now with Jesus I'll always be.

Last night He told me something.

That I can share with you.

He said that He was saddened, because of the way the world grew.

He made this world so He could have

Someone to really love Him.

Now He's disappointed Raggedy,

That things are lookin so dim.

He was crying Miss Raggedy Anne.

I know He needed a smile.

So I am goin there soon you see.

So He can enjoy mine for awhile.

Now you watch over my Mommy.

Tell Bubba I went to Heaven to play.

And please tell my Daddy to live for Jesus.

So he can see me again one day.

Written By: Renee Pedigo.

For Jessica.

Born with Spina Bifida.


March 16th 1987 Jessica Ruth Breen was born. Unlike other babies, she weighed 7lb 8 oz. but her head was 5.5 lbs of that. She had hydrocephalus (Water on the brain) and Spina Bifida. Her hips were dislocated. Her knees wouldn't bend. She only had three ribs in her left side covering her heart and she was paralyzed from her low chest down. As a matter of fact, I didn't even want to give her a name because I had picked out Ruth as part of her name after my mother and I didn't want that name going straight on a tombstone.

(Thanks Lacy St Romain for naming your baby RUTHIE that! One reason I love her so much I guess) A prayer chain started across LA for her. And miracles began to happen right before our eyes! They told me she'd only live hours. I went the next day to see her and touch her for the first time. All in yellow mask and gown I went to meet the most lovable and happiest child I had. She didn't look that way for several months. But when my eyes met hers I KNEW her name was Jessica Ruth. She was in the NICU for 9 weeks and I couldn't even hold her. The doctor told me in a letter that she was the worst case he'd ever seen in that NICU. She didn't even have a sucking reflex. I went in the unit the next morning and she had sucked her bottom lip so hard the night before that the skin was peeking off of it! Our Father showed up!!!!! A few weeks later they let me hold her and handed me a bottle. About 4 inches tall and an inch wide. And she drank the entire thing!!!!! When she left the hospital, her knees bent completely. And Her feet had straightened out. And later ribs started growing. When she left this earth, X-rays showed that she had EIGHT ribs on her left side!!! Today I celebrate her. She's already where we are trying to be and I'm sure her RuRu chats with her often. And I look forward to laughing with her again.

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