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Parents Left Behind, Inc.

No parent, or parent to be, should have to imagine the loss of a child. 

Unfortunately many parents do lose children
and are forced to learn a new way of living.

The founders Trisha Skaggs Eskridge and Nichole Cavote,
both experienced this loss in 2006. After meeting each other at their sons' resting place, they created their own type of buddy system and built a friendship completely on each others support and crying shoulders. These two were only so lucky to find each other,
often you find many who travel this journey alone.

Trisha & Nichole have met hundreds of parents via Internet, searching for support, reaching where ever they can, to find help. They have found that when you lose your child, no matter the cause or age, others in your life often forget them and the pain of that loss. Most of the time people in your life are too afraid to even mention your child's name.

The parents who are left behind from the loss, wants to remember their child, talk about their child, celebrate and cry on their child's special days and holidays. They found that reading about other parent's losses helped them to know that what they were experiencing and feeling were completely normal. Most importantly, that they were not as alone as they had once thought they were.
There are so many stories! Trisha & Nichole realized that they were a part of a much bigger group than anyone could have ever imagined.

They were NOT alone in their grief.

After almost four years of enduring their losses and trying to help each other find a new way of living, without their children. Trisha decided to start an organization for all parents who go through this loss. With Nichole's help they created a non-profit organization for mothers and fathers who are grieving the loss of a child. They wanted an organization where parents can share their children without fear of rejection and in hopes of finding support from others.

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