Parents Left Behind, Inc - We take you under our wings when your child receives theirs.



~ Our Kroger plus number has changed! It is now HY877, please make sure you update your account.

~Parents Left Behind, Inc. is looking for generous donors for our funeral fund project.  We are also looking for local seamstresses to help by donating their time and skill for our "Sew tiny burial gowns."
 Please visit the tabs to the left for additional information.

-If you are helping support Parents Left Behind, Inc with your Kroger plus card please know that you will need to update it each August. We will continue to send reminders a few months. Thank you all for your continued support of Parents Left Behind, Inc.!!

Welcome to Parents Left Behind, Inc.

     We are a 501c3 approved non-profit organization offering support to parents who have experienced child of any age. We are working to raise awareness and make a positive difference in our community.

     These meetings take place the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6:00-8: at Little Flock Baptist Church (room 180), located near the Zoneton Fire Department on Preston Hwy. 

We are on facebook! Read below for more details and the link to both our facebook pages.

     If you would like to support Parents Left Behind, Inc. on our public facebook page and keep up with our events please click the button below.

     If you are looking for further support please join our private facebook page for grieving parents, by clicking the button below. This is a safe place for parents to open up about their grief. You will have to reply to the message before being added to the page. Please remember to check your "other" inbox for this message.

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